The Silver unboxed unboxing tribute to America | Silver Unboxing

The Silver unboxed unboxing tribute to America

Sorry it wasn’t your typical unboxing, but I had surgery and it would take to long. Hope you enjoy the shiny stuff that’s not so shiny today. Almost all mark…
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SD Bullion

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25 Responses to The Silver unboxed unboxing tribute to America

  1. The Tourminator says:

    WOW ! I won’t have even a fraction of that stack when I retire. Personally I’m about to order my very first shipment EVER, to start my silver/gold stack.

  2. sanpedrosilver says:

    We already sold all our silver, right?

  3. SilverStakcer says:

    Thanks….My wife hates me putting money on youtube, but then I tell her, what the heck are you driving? Your telling the world. I have a camry

  4. SilverStakcer says:

    I hate the saying, but it is what it is. = )

  5. SilverStakcer says:


  6. asteroidminer says:

    Great job

  7. lowpross11 says:

    Bring on the views !!

  8. sanpedrosilver says:

    Awesome Stack!!
    Subbed & Liked  🙂

  9. SilverStakcer says:

    Thanks! Sort of blew my strategy out the window. I was trying to wait for the $18 handle, but war really looked imminent, so I purchased from the 20.5 to 22.33 region. I picked up another hundred ounces at the 18 handle. Keep up the good work/guessing game. LOL JK

  10. AltInvestorshangout says:

    This video is sweet. Nice music btw.

  11. drgeek100 says:

    true sheeple…buying into the silver bandwagon

  12. drgeek100 says:

    all I am saying is..what I’ve been noticing is that…most of the silver stackers are all white trash and Mexicans…and some ghetto black people…when do these people ever make the right choice? Wishful thinking that they are going to beat the system by buying silver.

  13. SilverStakcer says:

    Diversify and have hard assets. Look at Argentina. MSLSD news wonders why are they buying so much gold and silver as the markets go down. They fail to mention the country has 25% inflation. Good luck to you.

  14. drgeek100 says:

    after watching this video I’ve came to an epiphany…silver collectors will never be rich…just look at the type of people that collects silver…mostly trash…and trashy people usually make bad choices.

  15. Pd Ballerina says:

    Really good video! Very sweet stack !!

  16. Barnone11970 says:

    Thanks for the shout out btw 🙂 I am flattered and humbled :).

  17. SilverStakcer says:

    Thanks! I threw in the Obummer TP last second. And I had no idea the song would end as it did. I was amazed how easy a Mint box is to open. I’ve had tougher times opening a roll of dimes purchased off eBay.

  18. SilverStakcer says:

    Thanks! Appreciate the comment.

  19. SilverStakcer says:

    Thanks, it was fun to do while watching the market dip.

  20. silverfish VT says:

    Well, if you are only going to do one video, you might as well kick some ass! Very nicely done, wow!

  21. Spiff V says:

    Sick!!! Gratz on the monster box man that’s awesome!!

  22. lowpross11 says:

    Super duper silver stash !! Nice work !! I’d say your ready..
    Liked & subbed.

  23. SilverStakcer says:

    It’s a hedge. Who knows what the masters have in store for us. New technology can really put a hurt on silver. Who knows? Thanks for the comment.

  24. SilverStakcer says:

    Thanks. My first and most likely last unboxing. 😉

  25. silverjunky999 says:

    hahah well done , Your all set for when Silver blasts off and heads North,