Silver Gold Bull | Silver Unboxing

Silver Gold Bull

Unpacking a 2.5oz silver gold bull order.

SD Bullion

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15 Responses to Silver Gold Bull

  1. nick540 says:

    Your welcome, its a nice new crest. I will pick one of two more up when i have some more $

  2. nick540 says:

    Thank you, me too the Maple is one of my favorite coins, simple, yet classic design. I did not know they came in 1/2oz.

  3. nick540 says:

    Hi David, I had a shipping coupon for that order which made that one free. I will from now on use LCS only as your right its too pricey.

  4. nick540 says:

    Thanks you, you won’t be disappointed with the Taku!

  5. nick540 says:

    lol yeah I like the new coat of arms too. Want to get another 5oz taku now that the queen is off it.

  6. nick540 says:

    Hi rocky, yeah i really like them and am looking for a good price on the thunderbird. I hope a local coin shop in my new city will have one.

  7. nick540 says:

    Thank you. Yeah, I like to tell people so they know if its a good place to buy from. Thanks for the comment.

  8. Heavenly Prepper says:

    Good looking coins. I like how your video states where the shipment came from since many people don’t like to share where they are buying from.

  9. canadiansilvervein says:

    Nice nick, personally I love that maple. I hope they release half ounce rolls again

  10. David E says:

    Hi Nick, nice haul but isn’t the shipping expensive for 2.5 ozs?. I am in Toronto as well & SGB charged me $20.95 for 3 ozs & $20.95 for a full tube of silver Eagles so now I hold off until I have a bigger order. Did you find a cheaper shipping deal? If so please let me know if you wouldn’t mind. Thanks.

  11. auag4me says:

    nice ones nick hope to get a few 2013 fiji takus also tc

  12. greg williams says:

    I like the new coat of arms on the taku – about time they got rid of that old reptile off their coins, its a pity it took a military coup in fiji to do it. Good stuff – keep stackin 🙂

  13. rocky315w says:

    I was lucky Tom had a complete set of the Canadian Olympic coins. They stretched them out over a thre year period but made a great box to show them , its in my big show video if you haven’t seen I’ll send it.

  14. nick540 says:

    Thanks for watching. I cant wait until I have my camera here. The angle is bad. I really appreciate you liking and watching the video. I think the turtle will eventually change designs, might be a few years though.

  15. ThesharpNshiny says:

    Pretty sweet haul Nick! I like the new “obverse” on the fiji taku, though I’d also agree that I’d like to see a new design for the actual turtle soon.