1 oz 2013 Gold Panda Coins and Some Thoughts. | Silver Unboxing

1 oz 2013 Gold Panda Coins and Some Thoughts.

Here’s my one ounce coin that I promised you guys I was going to buy and show you guys. Really happy with it. I know I removed it from the seal but I will me…
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25 Responses to 1 oz 2013 Gold Panda Coins and Some Thoughts.

  1. Bass Masters says:

    Also a 70/30 is a ratio I tend to lean towards when investing in gold and silver.

  2. Bass Masters says:

    Great looking coin! Don’t worry about this dip, you just learn from it, and buy on the dips, and keep your gold LONG TERM!!!! Remember, your gold will be up when your ready to exit your position! Cheers!

  3. sidkings says:

    The main reason is simply because you get more bang for your buck! Here in the UK we have to pay 20% VAT on top of spot price & premium for coins so we get ripped off big time. However with the prices coming down so much I can cost average to reduce my overall expenditure on the metal. I’m eyeing either another 5kg bar or combination of 3 Perth Mint Kilos coins and some 2012 1oz Silver Privvy Koalas but coininvestdirect website is down for 24hrs, would you believe it?

  4. shaolin811 says:

    good points sidkings. Volatility is inevitable but i’m starting out really early and as long as i’m patient, i can look over the volatility and stomach it. how come ur so much more into silver than gold? let me know. Because like i’ve mentioned in other videos and possibly this one, i’m 50.50. What personally made you choose silver a little more over gold? Thanks!

  5. sidkings says:

    It depends on the mount you have to spendm the time you have to save in bullion and the amount of risk you are willing to take. I think as a student you have taken a bold step in saving in bullion.
    In Silver there is more upside potential but it is volatile and most people dont like volatility. Gold is a safer & stable option but you dont get anything for your much for your money.
    Pandas & Perth Mint silver coins are an absolute must and should make up the bulk of your stash. 70/30 Silver/Gold

  6. shaolin811 says:

    got it from moderncoinmart when they first had em. I bought it the first day they posted it on their ebay listings. They dont have it on ebay anymore but have it on their actual site. I’m also the first to post about them 😀

  7. VetteWay2Fast says:

    Lol im not saying go sell all ur G & S and go buy pennies, just saying if ur into metals, might wanna think about holding onto ur nickels and copper pennies. And whats to know about G & S, they’re shinny and nice to look at. Gold is pretty useless and Silver isnt but both have been adorned by man pretty much since the start. I hear ya though if ur not interested, im just bored and felt like commenting. Where did u get that polar 1/4 gold coin btw?

  8. shaolin811 says:

    not too interested in copper ATM, i don’t know enough on even silver and gold yet. So before i move onto other precious metals i want to stick with gold and silver for now

  9. VetteWay2Fast says:

    Really nice coin btw, pandas are really nice looking. I have like 120 lbs in copper pennies from sorting with a face value of like 180 but worth like 430 in copper. Only problem is its 120 lbs of pennies i have to store but they go in the garage in a five gallon bucket nobody can lift lol. Food for thought if u wanna get into copper as well, kinda cool to transfer pennies into a spot price commodity that could go up or down

  10. VetteWay2Fast says:

    Just reading through some comments, if u wanna stock some copper, just hoard all ur nickels and pre 82 pennies. The nickels are 75% copper and 25% nickel and worth about 5 cents in metal. Pre 82 pennies and half of 1982 ones are 95% copper and worth like 2.4 cents per penny. I grab a few bucks in pennies anytime i go to the bank and occasionally grab a 25 dollar box when i feel like sorting cause about 1/5th are copper and u get alot of wheats and occasionally an indian head or error.

  11. CyberCurtainTwitcher says:

    I believe anyone investing in gold or silver should look at it as a long term investment & not a quick money making scheme.I have collected physical silver since the 1970’s, numismatics, bullion & hallmarked antiques.I only sold 30% of it when it hit the high as i personally believe silver has been undervalued for years & is still going to make me or my children a nice little profit.

  12. OnSafari247 says:

    Don’t convert anything, just buy what you like. If you think silver is more under valued, that’s fine (and it most likely is); so then lean heavier on the silver side from now, but don’t convert anything you already bought. At the end of the day people really like gold so there’s certainly nothing wrong with the gold you own; nor is there anything wrong with buying more of it. Gold is gold. I personally did 50/50. 50% gold because I like it more, and 50% silver because of its potential.

  13. mark christopher says:


  14. mark christopher says:

    1,500 oz

  15. tonyz92 says:

    I would not sell any of my gold&silver. Pointless to sell them unless 1. you can sell them for a higher price you paid 2. you are in an emergency needing cash 3. you need money to do other investments.

  16. tonyz92 says:

    For me, it’s 70%gold 30%silver.

  17. herkfsu says:

    Comments in my channel? Huh?

  18. shaolin811 says:

    There really is no point in trying to get all crazy here. I never said I wouldn’t diversify into copper lead or steel, but its also because I have no knowledge of it. Nor do i have the money to diversify so widely between so many metals, when i’ll only end up with a little bit of each only with the limited wealth under my own name.

  19. shaolin811 says:

    I’ve mentioned in many of my other videos, I just started stacking in the past August, and I’m a college student. It’s hard enough finding money to save and store wealth.

  20. shaolin811 says:

    Looking at your comments in your channel, people obviously don’t like you because you probably present yourself as an asshole. And you’re showing it here as well. I never claimed that I knew a lot about what I’m doing, nor do I call myself an expert. This video was to mainly show my first one ounce gold coin, yet you find self satisfaction by trolling others and try too hard to show a presence of self worth and knowledge through comments like these.

  21. herkfsu says:

    Ok, why not diversify into lead or copper or steel? Because they are not what central banks and super producing countries are holding. Gold is the one tangible asset on their books that MUST be revalued in order to stave off this coming debt collapse. Gold is the release valve. Silver’s value comes from it’s use as a commodity. Gold comes from it’s store or wealth property.

  22. shaolin811 says:

    well, gold and silver both have their pros and cons. So why not diversify??? I have an even amount of savings in both.

  23. shaolin811 says:

    Just thought that it’d be slightly meaningful to get a panda since my first coin was a panda. I said “gold is gold” to support my reason for removing it from the Mint seal. And yes, my next one ounce gold piece will be a perth mint bar. It may be my first bar ever. won’t be getting that til waaay later.

  24. herkfsu says:

    Dont listen to the silver bugs. Gold is the future in global finance. NOT silver.

  25. herkfsu says:

    If you say gold is gold, why didn’t you just buy a perth mint bar for $25 over spot?