Silver Stack Unboxing #10 | Silver Unboxing

Silver Stack Unboxing #10

Silver Stack Unboxing #10

I finally got in enough Silver to make a video!!

SD Bullion

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16 Responses to Silver Stack Unboxing #10

  1. acon2698 says:

    do you happen to remeber the sellers name? PM me if you could

  2. grg3d says:

    Life is short get it if you want it…A E-bay seller has them for $60.00 + $4 for S&H the lowest around so far unless you count the APMEX Culls their $54.99 + $4.95 S&H but hay for a few dollars more you get a BU coin!!


    Sweet! Love it! Love the Tiger 🙂 Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. talktojerm says:

    I love everything about your videos man! The intro, the music, the out takes etc. keep it up man!

  5. tpntch07 says:

    Great looking tiger –

  6. dmatthews778 says:

    That’s a nice set of additions man!! And congrats on finishing those rolls!! I’m looking forward to filling my first roll.

  7. SilverDuffOH says:

    I love the end of your video!! It was really cool and unique. Great barber also. As always keep adding the ounces!

  8. acon2698 says:

    man i want a year of the tiger coin, I was born in one of the years.

  9. ericsp0f says:

    yep i know im only like 1 hour from ware i think u live at. today whus hot and i don’t have a/c :(

  10. grg3d says:

    Hi I looked at your videos and you can PM me but I’m not really into slab bullion…but you never know…I saw a few items you had that I like! again PM me to see if we can work out a trade.

  11. grg3d says:

    Doing just fine….I just hate the weather when it gets above 80 degrees especially when its humid…..

  12. sanpedrosilver says:

    Very cool buys! Funny ending too !!
    Subbed & Liked..
    Thank You !

  13. ThesharpNshiny says:

    Very nice haul! The lunar series coins rock. And the eagles and junk are sweet as well. I like buying the empty tubes as well. I just filled another tube in my latest vid

  14. ericsp0f says:

    maine man maine how u been good i hope keep on stacking!

  15. coincollector1024 says:

    Would you trade some of your junk silver for my silver eagles?

  16. Jose Aparicio says:

    Very nice stack bro…

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