silver coin update APMEX unboxing | Silver Unboxing

silver coin update APMEX unboxing

23 troy oz of silver.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

SD Bullion

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6 Responses to silver coin update APMEX unboxing

  1. Joker0911PL says:

    I like this vid, i dont know why.

  2. John Maxson says:

    Like a boss?
    Grow up..

  3. SgtMantis says:

    Nice choice to coins and tunes.

  4. lowpross11 says:

    Check out my channel to save on your stuff bro. Seriously..

  5. vandaley says:

    like a boss, nice..

  6. JizzyE69 says:

    Why you buying all those premium coins? And why are you purchasing through Apmex? They charge ridiculous premiums and ridiculous shipping! Those 2 oz dragons were like $80 over spot and 1/2 oz dragons were $25 over spot….that’s just insane. You don’t have a local dealer? Do you purchase any generic rounds? Buying a few premium coins here and there is cool, but you will never see a profit if you keep purchasing premium coins like that…