Saturday eBay Silver unboxing & questions | Silver Unboxing

Saturday eBay Silver unboxing & questions

Just a couple of weird possible silver coins and my 1oz and 1/2oz .999 silver ebay buy. I’m curious to know what you guys store your silver in if anything? W…
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14 Responses to Saturday eBay Silver unboxing & questions

  1. shinymetals45 says:

    I keep mine in a safe. But if you have a lot I rec amend you store it in multiple places. Safe, safe deposit, in the backyard, hidden in a plant, under the floor, a closet, etc.

  2. greg williams says:

    I keep mine in a fake pet grave, in plain sight 😛

  3. EpicRV says:

    I use an excel spreadsheet to track my purchases…..i store most of my silver on the base I work on in a safe….kind of fortunate that I have the ability to store my stuff on a place that has armed guards for free….

  4. FTIdeas says:

    in ammo cans , in a gun safe

  5. MunkeySpaz says:

    Hey thanks for the ID on the unknown coin! Yea that looks like what it could be. I didn’t think it was silver. It was 3.75 for the 2 coins. Maybe not a superb purchase but hey whatever. lol I think they are cool. I don’t trust the banks to hold anything so I wouldn’t even consider putting my stuff in there. I’d sooner trust burying it. haha

  6. Pd Ballerina says:

    Umm that coin with the palm trees looks like an Iraq 250 fils, and if it is then it is not silver. The Japanese 50 sen should be a silver coin. I keep just about all PMs in safe deposit boxes, but we also have a large gun safe I use for coins coming and going.


    I have a little fire safe. not to keep people from stealing it but so it doesnt melt if theres a fire. Im looking for a new bigger permenent safe now as mine is full. I keep all my paperwork and docs in there too.

  8. MunkeySpaz says:

    Oh damn that sounds awesome. Yea I just have a small sentry safe but I weighed it down to like 200lbs. It was just the right price for the size I wanted so I jumped on it.

  9. SilverBug NY says:

    Hello when I got to around $1000 in silver I purchased a good quality safe, but now that I have started buying some proof coins in boxes that take up more space I will be buying a large safe. I am waiting until I complete our new living room we are installing a large 16 cubic foot fire safe (not a cheap gun safe). It will be behind doors so its not noticeable and weights 900lbs and has 4 large bolts that secure it so nobody will be walking off with it. We also will use it for documents.

  10. MunkeySpaz says:

    lol yea I know you bury yours. You’ve got so much, so that about makes sense! I’m just amazed you’re not gonna cash in some of it and enjoy it rather then give it all away! lol

  11. rocky315w says:

    everyone knows my friend takes it every now and then and buries it on his property, guns and dogs. I don’t know where it is, how crazy is that, but he’s going to get it anyway.

  12. MunkeySpaz says:

    Like a rubbermaid container? I wasn’t really planning on buying a safe, I just kept looking on Craigslist for one to come up cheap enough and when one did, I jumped on it. I wanted something big enough to be awkward to walk off with and big enough to put some weights in to weigh it down & make it too heavy.

  13. MrSilverup says:

    I bought a big container i got at Rosss. Im shopping for a safe now. When im 500oz i get safe

  14. MrSilverup says:

    Yayyyyyy munkeyspatzzzzzz