APMEX silver unboxing | Silver Unboxing

APMEX silver unboxing

My first unboxing video, any tips or positive feedback would be great.
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11 Responses to APMEX silver unboxing

  1. Dylan Camacho says:

    Don’t show invoice people can steal your information.

  2. jkrogstad5 says:

    I would look into provident metals bc their shipping is cheap in comparison to apmex which is around 13. Provident is 6 on orders less than 100$

  3. arrroman says:

    silvertowne has free shipping on their bars and relatively low prices

  4. allon says:

    you go girl!

  5. coinsandguitar says:

    very nice! check out my videos? thanks

  6. Señor Corningstone says:

    You have really sexual hands.

  7. 2naterade8 says:

    Yeah I agree, Apmex has really high shipping. Save larger amounts of money and buy less often so you aren’t paying $13 shipping each time you order.

    Or go to provident metals or monarch precious metals. Good products with much better shipping costs.

  8. thelaC100 says:

    Thanks guys for the advice:)

  9. p154831 says:

    buy from provident metals.com or goldmart.com they have better prices and cheaper shipping. Shipping is a killer if you don’t have a lot of money like me. try saving more money and then buying 1 gram of gold and a few oz of silver or even 2 grams of gold to save on shipping.

  10. firechill says:

    also if you have facebook, i would “like” APMEX and some of the other dealers because they run some pretty good sales sometimes on facebook only. APMEX was selling silver AT spot last week for older canadian dollars.

  11. firechill says:

    hell yeah!!! a female? super hottt. lol. I’d stick with silver.. gold is super expensive. I think silver has more room to improve considering it is a more of an industrial metal.

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