1/4 Ounce Gold Canadian Polar Bear Coin FIRST YOUTUBE APPEARANCE | Silver Unboxing

1/4 Ounce Gold Canadian Polar Bear Coin FIRST YOUTUBE APPEARANCE

Hey guys! JUST GOT THIS IN and i’m REALLY excited. I tried looking up a youtube video for this coin and there ARE NONE! So I am the first! Hope this video gi…

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23 Responses to 1/4 Ounce Gold Canadian Polar Bear Coin FIRST YOUTUBE APPEARANCE

  1. Ben Wherlock says:

    I have 118 silver coins but only 1 gold coin (1/4oz Perth mint kangaroo) and it’s so lovely!!!

  2. Rowan Salter says:


  3. Learcapital says:

    Hi @shaolin811. The Gold and Silver Polar Bear coins are beautiful coins, so we really enjoy this video. Next time you buy coins, we recommend comparing prices. We offer the most competitive prices as we are the exclusive supplier in the US. We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers. Best of luck!

  4. Silver Rado says:

    I just ordered one today.

  5. tofudogg says:

    I love polar bears. Nice coin.

  6. Goldstraits says:

    it is wiser to leave the OMP as it was cause your future buyer may still have the chance to send for grading and get higher grade.

  7. shaolin811 says:

    Yea thats true. Im aware of it. But this one comes sealed from the mint.  Took it out already and placed it into an airtite. It’s flawless NOTHING wrong with it im very happy ;D !!!

  8. bracoop2 says:

    Whatever you do don’t buy from Modern Coin Mart.com they send scratched coins with fingerprints and say that’s normal because they’re just bullion and not numismatic. Although they charge a $10 + premium. Beware.

  9. shaolin811 says:

    Yea I think every year I may get two ounces of gold. I won’t be gettingfractionals anymore. Premiums are too high.

  10. gold maple says:

    Nice coin and great pickup, shaolin. Now save all your money and start buying 1 oz gold bullion coins and bars. Save your money and buy 1oz coin each year. 1/4 oz is good but 1 oz is much sweeter. Remember buy 1 oz gold maple leafs .9999 or .99999, 1 oz gold American buffalo .9999, 1oz Chinese Gold Panda (especially 2013) .999, Austrian Gold Philharmonic 1oz .9999, Australian Gold Nugget 1oz .9999 (especially 1986 Poseidon),

  11. gldslvdon says:

    nice goldie..

  12. Double66s says:

    I am going to send mine in to be graded, otherwise i would leave it in the mint seal

  13. shaolin811 says:

    AHHH help me, I’m REALLY thinking about taking them out of the seal and putting them in airtites.

  14. shaolin811 says:

    Yea not only that, the canadian maples are significantly thicker. That’s why the diameters are slightly different.

  15. shaolin811 says:

    Thanks for your input. However I am happy with my purchase. I was well aware of the premium and made the decision to buy it. I did make a point in the video that yes I paid a high premium for this. And I believe they will work fine numismatically. If not then no big deal either.

  16. Pd Ballerina says:

    Really nice!

  17. Double66s says:

    Lol… yes i was hoping to beat everyone to it LOL i will upload as soon as i get it, i have 5 orders i am waiting on, they are taking a long time as some of the items are on backorder.
    Anyway great coin you have my friend, very low mintage, i think just 4,000, oh and the Pandas are 999 pure and Canadian gold is 9999 thats some of the reason for the differance in size.

  18. EpicRV says:

    Love all the polar bear coins……first time I have seen this….going to have to check it out…

  19. SalivateMetal says:

    Very nice coin! I would love to have one. I’ve spent a lot of money lately on bullion and coins. Might have to wait this one out. lol I posted a video of the new 5-Star generals commems with the gold which was the first on Youtube as well. It feels good to be cutting edge. 🙂 Great video!

  20. p154831 says:

    Quite a rip off. Modern coin mart is not that good. They used to only sell graded ms 70 and 69 coins for a ridiculous premium. How much do you think they paid for these polar bears ? $400ish. The market isn’t saturated with these. Give it a year and these will be same price as maples

  21. John Taylor says:

    Very nice coin 🙂 great vid :-)

  22. shaolin811 says:

    Lol! were you going to make a video too???  Upload it and share it with me! 😀

  23. Double66s says:

    LOL You beat me, i ordered 2 of these and should have them next week, awesome pick up!!