Unboxing Under Melt Silver Bars From eBay | Silver Unboxing

Unboxing Under Melt Silver Bars From eBay

Purchased on the silver dip, under spot silver bars from eBay. Be sure to check out the up close look at the end. “Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when fir…
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25 Responses to Unboxing Under Melt Silver Bars From eBay

  1. Malang Sob says:

    Crazy..well it’s good you got your money back…I have those same exact bars too…I have them ratholed away (paranoid stacker here)…I bought em from APMEX though…better be real paying their premiums. haha!

  2. UniqueDesigns41 says:

    Ebay is just fine. The sellers are the problem.
    If you get faked material, Ebay buyers are proptected by Ebay.
    They will even send you a pre-paid return mail label.pdf for you to print out and and ship stuff back.
    Why pass up a possible good deal just because the seller is new with fewer feedback?

  3. UniqueDesigns41 says:

    They were probably in the air tight holders assuming a novice would never break them out to check them more closely.

  4. MunkeySpaz says:

    Some very reputable dealers sell on ebay. I believe apmex and MCM both do. Besides that, always check the feedback. If they have no feedback on silver/gold transactions, I won’t take the gamble. If they have low feedback, I wont take the gamble. If I want to game, I live 10 minutes from a casino. I’d have better luck there then some random guy selling silver/gold on ebay.

  5. DigginKy says:

    Excellent info

  6. R Davian says:

    this is fake from the mint?

  7. mark christopher says:

    I actually want the 1 oz.. The thing is, would it be easy to sell in the future? It doesn’t say Atlantis Mint but it has a SKULL logo.. 

  8. mark christopher says:

    Bigstack…what do you think of these? cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=140970036402#ht_662wt_754

    I got the 5 gram and 10 gram for 20.. I got them.. and they are shiny Silver from Atlantis Mint..

  9. Bigstackmcgee says:

    I’ve had success in the past on eBay, but it pays to be knowledgeable, only buy from sellers with impeccable feedback, and know your protections as a buy. It took all of 3 hours before my money was returned to me.

  10. Bigstackmcgee says:

    I still would like to get my hands on the real deal, at some point. Probably best to just get straight from the NWT Mint

  11. Bigstackmcgee says:

    Most definitely

  12. Bigstackmcgee says:

    I did contact eBay, and they are no longer selling anything on eBay. It appears that between myself and some of the others that bought the fake bars, all of the other purchases have or are in the process of getting their money back.

  13. Al C says:

    Never buy off ebay, you’re better off buying from a recognized dealer

  14. mark christopher says:

    Was going to get from ebay

  15. mark christopher says:

    What???? Those r fakes…..

  16. Bigstackmcgee says:

    most definitely.

  17. Bigstackmcgee says:

    The more attention we can bring to these fake bars, the better

  18. cmegar1011 says:

    I just received the same bars in a box that looks just like that. Mailed out from Louisville OH buyers beware. Case filed.

  19. Bigstackmcgee says:

    thanks cliffsearch!

  20. Bigstackmcgee says:

    you bet, 101platayoro!

  21. Bigstackmcgee says:

    thanks coins rus

  22. Bigstackmcgee says:

    yes, it stinks that fakes are becoming prevalent. I still would love to pick up some of the real deal from NWT. I’m not worried about people buying the real deal from me in the future, as it is easy to prove authenticity.

  23. Bigstackmcgee says:

    lol !! you got that right, yttst01 !!

  24. Bigstackmcgee says:

    Being leary of silver on eBay is a must. Still, it has been worth it to me to wade through the fakes in the past. If you decide to utilize eBay as a source of precious metals, just make sure you’re an expert at spotting fakes. Thanks brucebannerman