Small silver unboxing and 2013 Tokelau Lunar snake review | Silver Unboxing

Small silver unboxing and 2013 Tokelau Lunar snake review

I picked up a new silver bullion coin that I thought was pretty unusual, and let you see it for the first time, as I see it.

SD Bullion

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25 Responses to Small silver unboxing and 2013 Tokelau Lunar snake review

  1. Jason Ewing says:

    2014 Tokelau Year of the Horse is now available

  2. MrSilverBulletSniper says:

    By the way.. Love the purple scissors!

  3. MrSilverBulletSniper says:

    That is a very exquisite coin. Simply beautiful.

  4. ejt009 says:

    I’m a sucker for a new lunar series. I just bought two of them. MCM has pictures of the 2014 Horse on their home page, coming soon… 🙂

  5. wflite says:

    Looks Like MCM (The sole distributor) is finally OUT of These Except for MS 70 Graded Slabs PARTY TIME! This Coin is going to SHINE for those that bought it.

  6. wflite says:

    Sorry I am spamming this board about this coin but this one is going to be a winner IMO. Has all the makings: End of a series, Very unique design, Proof like stamp, very low mintage a few other +’s too. I talked to MCM and tried to cut a deal on higher volume buy Friday- when spot got hammered. They did not have 500 to sell me. Which is the good news, bad news is they could not sell me 500 lol.

  7. wflite says:

    I can’t find much background on these. Other than the 50,000 mintage and the first time they were struck for Tokelau. MCM is the only place who has them BTW. I am almost wondering whether PCGS is not quite up on these…They look like proofs to me DCam’s too. I can’t find a special mintage for any “proofs” I think they all are. I belong to NGC I am going to call. These are going in MS70 or return at a minimum and I am going to request a deep cameo label.

  8. wflite says:

    Just cant beat this coin. The design is unique. The strike is flawless. Price was right. Low mintage. Something about the Perth mint….their strikes are always fine. My Kook snake privies are flawless and deep too.

    Both are cameo strikes. Deep Cameo proof strikes imo call em whatever you want. When I go to unload them they are getting a “flawless deep cameo, proof like finish” market pitch.

  9. wflite says:

    Got 10 from mcm seems like the only store that carries them for low 30’s. VERY NICE COIN! I swear this is a PROOF STRIKE.

  10. Patriotbadass says:

    Just picked one of these up today from modern coin mart for 40.95.BTW it graded in ms-69 by pcgs with the snake label.has a low mintage of 50,000…they have the raw version for 34.95…

  11. silverexplosion says:

    do they come in airtites?

  12. marvelousmarv89 says:

    i have one of those, really nice coin

  13. silverjunky999 says:

    Good lookin oz of silver

  14. silverfish VT says:

    Thank you for watching, I appreciate it!

  15. chanelvitale12 says:

    thanks for this

  16. acidlittle says:

    I’ll check em out, I really like junk coins because I don’t have to worry about added value going south cos the coin is in perfect shape…

  17. silverfish VT says:

    I usually buy my coins from Gainesville coins. Apmex has a better selection, but is more expensive. Gainesville seems to straddle the line between selection and price better than the other dealers. If you only want to buy, say Eagles, or Maple leafs, you may find them a few cents cheaper somewhere else. If you want to also throw in a Panda, or something unique, they are the best imo.

  18. acidlittle says:

    Where do you order your coins from? Thinking of doing an online buy..

  19. thebullionboys says:

    Their “Limited Mintage” and the fact ALL of their coins, even their straight Bullion Issues come in Mint Issue Capsules certainly make them a real winner for me.
    RE the Tuvalu coinage, I’d best qualify by letting you know that (I’m pretty sure) The Perth Mint only issues “Proof” sets of the Tuvalu coins.
    The 4 Coin Square Coloured Lunar sets are stunning!

  20. silverfish VT says:

    I love the Perth Mint bullion, I will definitely check them out, thanks

  21. thebullionboys says:

    You guys should check out the Tuvalu Coins minted by The Perth Mint under similar conditions.
    IMHO: They’re finer looking coins that the standard Perth Mint Bullion Issues.

  22. silverfish VT says:

    And you know what? I love them all! Lol, thanks for taking the time to watch.

  23. OloOmathew says:

    Fiji Taku’s, Tokelau Snakes, Candian Wild life series, 2006 1/2 oz Timber wolf to complement the wildlife series, Libertads, Birtannias, and a lot more all the way to the BANK!

  24. silverfish VT says:

    I cant wait to get my hands on the Pamp suisse year of the snake, they are stunning.

  25. globalinquisition says:

    absolutely! Those are beautiful design and the drawing of the snake.
    My second favorite art piece next to pamp suisse dragon bars.