Apmex Silver unboxing, I think I got really good value | Silver Unboxing

Apmex Silver unboxing, I think I got really good value

Just a quick unboxing, I saved quite a bit of money on this order, and feel like I got a really good value, tell me what you think.
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25 Responses to Apmex Silver unboxing, I think I got really good value

  1. cooldog60 says:

    Don’t you like silver eagles?

  2. cooldog60 says:

    I love my credit card.

  3. shaolin811 says:

    they dont have em anymoreeeee :[

  4. evilintheeast says:


  5. silverfish VT says:

    Wow, you finished them off! There were over 200 not too long ago. I dont think that you made a bad buy at all, they sell for much more on Ebay. Mark my words, these will be much higher in two years. I will put a floor under these for you, a put option if you will. In two years, I will pay you 65 each for these. I bet, that in two years, that price will be an insult, lol.

  6. igoldsilverplatinum says:

    So I was on apmex this morning at 6 and saw only 3 dragons left in stock do I decided to buy them at $55 unfortunately. I only bought because it was the last 3. Maybe it was a good call but I don’t know

  7. silverfish VT says:

    Hi Michael, Im not sure of which bullion dealers over here ship to Australia reasonably. We do however have a lot of Aussies that post on my videos, check with Greg Williams, or Cliffsearch or MetalKookaburra to start, they may be able to point you in the right direction.

  8. IHasGaming says:

    im in australia, and most australian bullion websites will charge you $10 overspot or more. do you know any websites that will ship to australia with a low shipping fee?
    Michael, 14 year old silver stacker

  9. MrDreday1976 says:


  10. Paetaor says:

    As a Canadian I can’t use a credit card with APMEX. I do want to get some of the dragons and some other coins.

    Need to look into some of the copper pieces too.

  11. drutter says:

    Hey Kid Silver.

  12. silverfish VT says:

    Lol, Its coming, special delivery buddy!

  13. Jose Rodriguez says:

    If you send me that damn thing. Thats your ass

  14. silverfish VT says:

    Check out SIlvertowne, I believe that shipping is free, they might give you a better deal.

  15. SAIDsoe says:

    Man I want to order just some basic apmex bars but with shippin it’d be 40$ a bar. My local shop sells eagles 4$ over spot so it its like 7 bucks cheaper, BUT all my stack consists of is eagles lol its boring

  16. silverfish VT says:

    You have to understand the price structure that Apmex was offering. You had to buy 10, in order to get them for such a good deal, otherwise, I would have paid more on a per coin basis. Plus if you look at how previous Lunar series coins perform, even in a flat to down Silver market, they do EXTREMELY well. These dragons could easily go for the 70-80 dollar range in a couple of years, regardless of what silver does. A Maple leaf in a flat to down market isnt going to do that.

  17. itslikelava says:

    Be careful its a setup!:)

  18. shaolin811 says:

    oh! and forgot to mention that I made an order of these on the 7th, a little more than a week ago! I’m unboxing those tomorrow and got them from apmex as well for the exact same reason you got them. They’re super low. I also ordered some wood bisons too! have you gotten your wood bisons yet?? Got a couple other things as well. You’ll see within my next few videos or so! 😀

  19. gold maple says:

    I think you give great advice and you made really good purchases, silverfishVT. However, I do not see the point of collecting so many Lunar Series Dragon 1 oz coins. Why don’t you just buy one or two dragons, and get different silver coins with different designs. I guess I am more of a coin collector, not a silver stacker. I would stack gold, gold Canadian maple leafs.

  20. BlackWizard Zeref says:

    I sold my 2000 Perth mint Olympic games coins for $34, at a spot price of $31, on the day of QE3, When I tried to sell them, I could not find a buyer, even then cash for gold place would only give me %15 under spot. I was shocked, this could happen to you too, Don’t ever judge off ebay, ebay charges too much, and there are fake bidders. Stick to them 1 kilo coins, they never sell many of them, always way less than the 1 oz. silver is going to go below $20 in the next year, so good luck.

  21. silverfish VT says:

    Simply make your purchase, once you hit the spending threshold, you should see your bonus on the next billing cycle. If its a gift card, call customer service, and find out the status.

  22. cky450mm says:

    how does that credit card sign up bonus work? i just got a chase card with $200 visa gift card after you spend $500 in the first 3 months. thinkin of buyin $500+ in silver getting the visa gift card and buy more silver.

  23. silverfish VT says:

    You may not give 35 dollars, but Im sure that someone would. They sell extremely well over here. I dont regret the purchase for a second. 

  24. ricochetVendetta says:

    41 dollars a coin is a good price in bulk, amazing. think i prefer slv for anything less then 5 year hold

  25. BlackWizard Zeref says:

    I would not give you $35 for them coins, you know the 10oz and 1 kilo coins are more rare and much closer to spot, yeah the larger Perth mint coins have unlimited mint, but they don’t sell as many. I live in Australia, so me not paying $35 may have something to do with that, even though they sold out at around $40.