Silver Gold Bull Un-boxing | Silver Unboxing

Silver Gold Bull Un-boxing

Time to do a little stacking. Picked up a little gold and a little silver. Only 4 oz of fun stuff this time out of the 330.5 oz.

SD Bullion

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6 Responses to Silver Gold Bull Un-boxing

  1. bradwmixon says:

    The plastic peeling is just a thin protective cover for the actual hard case…’s meant to peel off

  2. silverbuyer101 says:

    omg nice nice nice

  3. geggs1 says:

    Fantastic addition to the stack. Very nice indeed. Thx for sharing.

  4. MrGoldseeker82 says:

    nice haul! realy nice

  5. CrushingSteve says:

    Wow!… Wow!

  6. papermoney54 says:

    Wow thats mouth watering, im a young atacker, but one day i plan to make an order like this

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