Silver unboxing filmed by my son. | Silver Unboxing

Silver unboxing filmed by my son.

Here we have a silver unboxing filmed by my son. Special sound effects from bubble wrap, and some background noises from a poodle scratching my leg while I’m…
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25 Responses to Silver unboxing filmed by my son.

  1. Casparado1 says:

    You sound just like this guy named Justin that posts opal videos! I swear it’s a spitting image vocally.

  2. frankp362 says:

    Wow your son did an impressive job showing those coins on camera…. good job….he must be very bright… You are a very lucky father.

  3. frankp362 says:

    Lol..all u could here was u opening that annoying package…haha

  4. abcd1119123 says:

    where did you get the silver bullet rounds from? I can’t seem to find a European dealer anywhere!

  5. cliffsearch says:

    Not yet…He gets pocket money. cheers

  6. mapleleafcoins says:

    Do you pay your son for his camerawork/narration in silver 🙂

  7. Ape Man says:

    Very vool — glad to see all the coins. I purchased 2 Freedom Girls on Feb 1st, and I look forward to getting them in the mail.

  8. AK SilverNuggets says:


  9. AK SilverNuggets says:

    Good thing your teaching him at a young age though. That way he will no how to handle silver in the future.

  10. lanceoa says:

    wouldnt it be nice if we didnt need it when its all said and done?… it would be really something to pass some of that on

  11. cliffsearch says:

    You may be right there Lance. I may be six foot under and my son gets all the booty. Cheers

  12. cliffsearch says:

    Thanks veritasfiles, my son love to look at them that’s for sure. He’s had his his new coin next to him all dayafter school. Funny how kids pay no attention everyday currency, but the minute they own bullion it’s treated as treasure. Cheers.

  13. SilverSanctum says:

    Very good. Your son will remember this and hopefully pass the same PM appreciation his son/daughter 🙂 .

  14. veritasfiles says:

    Beautiful coins! Cool that you were able to involve your son. Good stuff!

  15. lanceoa says:

    Love that you are getting the young one in on the fun.. it’ll teach him how to handle that when he inherits it all

  16. GSilvermani says:

    great to see a father and son share interests in coins, thanks for sharing cliffsearch

  17. cliffsearch says:

    Thanks Epic. Always helps having a wingman by your side. Regards

  18. cliffsearch says:

    Not bad for his first time. This is our first unboxing. Unwrapping bubble wrap is a pain. Cheers

  19. cliffsearch says:

    The 2 luna dragons I purchased have the privy…These are my first Luna dragons.

  20. cliffsearch says:

    Kids love Perth Mint coins…The Luna Dragon was my son’s choice. Cheers

  21. cliffsearch says:

    Lots of camera movement LOL… Makes me dizzy watching it.

  22. cliffsearch says:

    Thanks EQ…

  23. EQ Silver says:

    Awesome…just Awesome, very fortunate

  24. Jose Aparicio says:

    Great pick ups cliffsearch, good stuff father and son bond.. The video reminded me of Rockys videos lol… 🙂

  25. silverfish VT says:

    Lol, your son has a much steadier hand than I do, nice job buddy! Hey, I recognize that laugh of joy when the kids get their silver! Nice buys Cliff