Silver Gold Bull unboxing | Silver Unboxing

Silver Gold Bull unboxing

Silver Gold Bull unboxing

Unboxing of some nice silver products from SGB in Canada.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

SD Bullion

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23 Responses to Silver Gold Bull unboxing

  1. John M says:

    I recently bought 2 tubes of 25 silver maple leafs from SGB and received in timely fashion, liked dealing with them cause I just added them to my acct with bank same as you would do for gas or hydro, money sent instantly and they ship right away, I have only bought 50 oz from them but ordering more this week well price is low, great video excellent packing

  2. nick540 says:

    Yes, they are well packed. Thanks for watching!

  3. RevLiSdLloGmp says:

    That’s a lot of unwrapping…Lol…Beautiful Coins….

  4. SilverCoinMan says:

    haha here you are again, I am considering reporting you for spamming on YouTube! 🙂 PMH bankrupted, and now seeing how you behave I would be happy they screw you over like many other people, so you stop being a grumpy sad person.

  5. nick540 says:

    I like my bars too. But some coins are super nice, this being one of them. Keep stacking my friend!

  6. sternumkick says:

    I buy the bars, was never into coins but after seeing the 5oz. I might just order one. Good video.

  7. adamcook717 says:

    Made many great purchases with SGB never any problems.

  8. Double66s says:

    Yes i noticed that also, and yes they are reliable as they do ship as advertised on there site and it is all about getting what you bought anyway, we just keep staking for when the shit hit’s the fan!

  9. Whitehead221 says:

    Yes, as I said below, PMH takes longer, but it is still reliable. (That said, I’ve noticed an increase in their shipping fees as late).

  10. Whitehead221 says:

    In good business practice, if a business offers the choice to use a particular payment system, then it should work, and if not, then the customer should be given the opportunity to buy at the same price. That was not given. Instead, I was blamed for the problem (a 3x repeat customer) until they finally revealed that it was their system that wasn’t working. Not sure why my personal choice to pay using a particular method that was offered by the company in question should be what’s on trial here.

  11. Double66s says:

    Also why would you use a credit card and pay 3% more? Email money transfer is the best way to pay and there is no extra premiums.

  12. Double66s says:

    Sorry to hear about your payment problem, i have been buying from SGB for 3 years and never have i had any issue with making a payment. I also buy from PMH as they have items that SGB do not have for sale. Yes they are cheaper but SGB will match there prices everytime! The one thing i like most about SGB is i always get my order in less then a week but when i buy from PMH it takes 2 weeks just for them to ship to me and then another week to get the package, very slow in my opinion.

  13. Whitehead221 says:

    Yes, it takes some time for PMH to deliver, as I said below, but it is still extremely reliable and well-packaged. I would rather wait a little longer for an order than be a three time return customer who is blamed for a technical glitch on the SGB website during an order, and then have not even have the price I ordered at be offered as a remedy to the problem. Let’s hope SGB has fixed their system as well as their “heady” customer service…

  14. Kaynos says:

    Be prepare the waith with PMH. I order from them once and had to call them twice to ask what was taking so long for them to ship my order. They say it’s standard procedure to make EVERYONE wait 10, yes 10 working day before shipping. With Silver Gold Bull i order stuff and get it to my door within 5 working day.

  15. Kaynos says:

    I’m in canada too and i only order my silver from them now. They have the best service, the fastest shipping and the best price (if they dont they will match it). They always ship in these boxes, extremely well packed. Just to give you an example, i’m in Quebec, they are in Calgary, i placed an order on Tuesday, they ship it on Wednesday, had it Friday ! You cant beat that. Others company i tried they make you wait up to 10 working day before they ship.

  16. nick540 says:

    Thats great that they have customer discount coupons. I also noticed that the prices on PMH are slightly lower too. I also like the copper option that SGB does not carry.

  17. nick540 says:

    Too bad to hear that they were so poor with the quality of service when helping you. I guess I have been lucky. I just placed an order with Precious Metals House for the first time so looking forward to see how they compare. Look for an upcoming unboxing. Thanks for the comment!

  18. nick540 says:

    The Taku is very nice coin. By the way great video of you hitting 1000oz congratulations!

  19. silver john says:

    i wanna get a taku hopefully soon

  20. nick540 says:

    Thanks for the info i have not hear of them. Will check them out now. Thanks!

  21. somzok says:

    I think Precious Metal House have the best prices in Canada. Maybe you should try and make a new video. Thanks for sharing. Keep stacking!

  22. Nota Repost says:

    Nice, my orders coming in tommorow, cant believe it only takes 2 days to ship it from Edmonton to Markham Ontario, Not sure if the postal service can even profit from a mere 20 dollar at that rate… Keep stacking pal!