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Silver Gold Bull Unboxing

5 Responses to Silver Gold Bull Unboxing

  1. SilverCoinMan says:

    You are just ridiculous with your comments on every single video about SGB. 🙂 You should check the facts about companies you advertise here, PMH went bankrupt, and basically stole a lot of money from their customers by taking money for orders they knew they won’t deliver so they can cover themselves. Be happy they didn’t screw you over. And throw away your little coin encyclopedia, and realize that you buy bullion and not numismatic coins. Such a sad sad man.

  2. sam johnson says:

    i bought some coins too , but i was woundering when do i really get a track number from them for fedex ?

  3. CarlWood says:

    Agreed – in fact, their premiums are always lower than silver gold bull.

  4. Silver Savvy says:

    its not a round its a maple its a coin made by the government , rounds are not government issued that was a Canadian Maple .9999 coin Government issued coin “NOT” a round!

  5. Onondaga iroquois says:

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