Apmex Unboxing Of Silver & Gold 3/8/13 | Silver Unboxing

Apmex Unboxing Of Silver & Gold 3/8/13

I got a shipment from Apmex and wanted to share it with you guys.

SD Bullion

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24 Responses to Apmex Unboxing Of Silver & Gold 3/8/13

  1. sanpedrosilver says:

    This is from the PCGS website: “Specimen (SP) — struck well like a Proof, but with a satiny, sometimes matte, semi-granular looking.
    Again, cool coins!!

  2. sanpedrosilver says:

    It’s great to see how some folks prefer PCGS, while others prefer NGC. I happen to like NGC better myself. “Proof issues incorporate the same grades. Proof coins will be so noted with the use of the prefix PF for all grades 1 through 70. Less commonly, but where appropriate, coins displaying proof characteristics indicative of special handling that are not true proofs are described with the grade prefix PL, prooflike, or SP, specimen.” -NGC website. Sweet coins! High Roller !! :-)

  3. 511porkchop says:

    The Place To Buy Gold & Silver: Aydincoins, Great Price’s, Reward Points Program, Free Shipping, Silver Specials.
    Also: ModernCoinMart (MCM) Great Price’s, Free Shipping
    Google Them For Their Web Page
    I’ve Been Buying From Both. Received Coins In 3-5 Days

  4. MG30001 says:

    why do americans buy standard bullion coins from a rating company?

  5. wafdawg says:

    The Israel coin is hideous, like buying a nazi coin

  6. Jose Rodriguez says:

    If they give you the option to have it delivered US Mail you should take it. FedeX takes 2 or 3 days longer

  7. Carlos Rojas says:

    i have a question for you. i want to buy gold and silver from apmex but i”m really worry about the shipping process.
    can you give me any advise i will appreciate thanks 

  8. Silva Stacka says:

    Awesome Coins man :)

  9. OnSafari247 says:

    You shouldn’t buy coins from the land theft gangster state called “Israel.” Try not to support Satan’s chosen people. Everything else was real nice though (especially that libertad).

  10. bluzonenumizmatyka says:

    Special Proof
    Regards MK

  11. Michaeljudoka1 says:

    Graded bullion=bad investment

  12. Pd Ballerina says:

    I agree with you on PCGS. I have noticed that NGC has graded a bunch of regular bullion ASEs and labeled them 2013W and 2013S when they have no mint mark. They are being sold at huge premiums…I am totally disgusted.  I have not seen PCGS do this.

  13. Jose Rodriguez says:

    Yup! That intro was made by Silver Hog and won the contest.

  14. Irishsilverstack says:

    jose they just look perfect, that intro is new right?

  15. papermoney54 says:

    Specimen proof

  16. papermoney54 says:

    Nice stuff. Im sure the premiums are high on those .

  17. Darkone01 says:

    I don’t why all are so greedy to get the plastic boxes around them. But I heard it’s better if you wanna sell them (to the USA guys). They like it very much ;).
    How much is the price for the grading?

  18. gardehusar24 says:

    The libertad is just Really nice. I think that it will be in my next shipment to :-). Thank you for yet a great video.

  19. lanceoa says:

    i love it when i forget whats inside! gorgeous Libertad… might have to get one! I’ve only got two MS70s in ’13 Kangaroo form. good show Hatwierd!

  20. greg williams says:

    very nice collection :-)

  21. Bigstackmcgee says:

    All great coins, but that Israeli coin really caught my eye. Nicely done!

  22. GMAN57X3 says:

    4:53. Wow. Really cool coin.

  23. veritasfiles says:

    Never seen that Israeli coin before. Very cool!

  24. Jose Aparicio says:

    Perfect Specimen, Perfect Proof (SP-70, PF-70) Although rarely seen, these are attainable grades, since Specimens and Proofs are generally double struck on specially prepared, polished blanks using specially prepared dies on a slow, high pressure press, and the pieces are immediately hand picked off the press with gloved hands and carefully placed in protective holders.