Silver Gold Bull unboxing 32+oz. of silver! | Silver Unboxing

Silver Gold Bull unboxing 32+oz. of silver!

2012 10oz Year of the Dragon 2013 10oz Year of the Snake 2012 5oz Fiji Taku 2012 1oz Australian Koala 2012 1oz Chinese Panda 2012 1/2oz Year of the Dragon 5 …
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25 Responses to Silver Gold Bull unboxing 32+oz. of silver!

  1. Chris Silver says:

    lol. I love mine in capsules.

  2. Chris Silver says:

    I don’t agree with you at all. These coins, especially the Chinese panda and Perth Mint coins will only go up in value. silver eagles, maple leafs etc are directly affected by the change in silver spot price and don’t carry any intrinsic value other than the silver content and maybe an ever so small premium when you come to resell. The 10oz year of the snake coin and 10oz year of the dragon will increase in value more than maples or eagles would.

  3. juleous camper says:

    Now I understand lots of people wanna stack really long term, but what about people like me who want to stack till it peaks take my gains and put it into a house. Im tryna wait around for some 500 dollar silver cause i could be waiting ten to 15 years for that. no one really knows where its going. in the mean time the banks are taking all my money in mortgage payments when i could have sold my stack at peak and had a bigger down payment. and how easy will it be to dump 1000 oz of silver at peak

  4. juleous camper says:

    I understand what your saying I’m talking about dumping off large amount of silver when it peaks. Say you buy 100 oz of silver at 20 bucks an oz then the price peaks at 50, now we know it dont stay there for long so its in a persons best interest to dump it. Take your gains and run. But most bullion dealers have the right to change premium prices they buy and sell. Now when the price peaks are they really gonna give you your premium back? It would be stupid for them to so I am a skeptic

  5. RyanB0011 says:

    If you want to buy paper silver for $24 then go buy paper silver for $24 spot price is spot price and there will be premiums on physical silver when supply dries up.

  6. RyanB0011 says:

    I have done my research, I don’t know where you’re getting your information but Perth mint, Chinese pandas etc. all carry high premiums that stick with them through years and years. type “2012 year of the dragon 10oz” into ebay and go to completed listings $344 for that one on April 20th.

    There is buying bullion and there is buying premium bullion that has attached numismatic value because designs change every year and have low mintages.

    Please don’t tell me I don’t do research before buy.

  7. juleous camper says:

    Idk so far with the research i have been doing its seems you will not get your premium back for those when you sell them. You are over paying not to mention the shipping cost. So far that i am seeing is the only way to invest is silver eagles, maple leafs or recognized bars and maybe some others. as it stand do not pay of 30 an oz for any
    silver. some place aske for 2 percent below spot price> I hope when people start buying that they do the research

  8. Bass Masters says:

    SGB is a RIP OFF…..silver is 24.00 and they are selling for $28.00 for cheap rounds and over $30.00 for premium coins……I will never buy there again.

  9. TheChee78 says:

    I have got into buying gems as well and it is worth it too,but you must buy the higher end gems that do not loose value. I,m happy I got into buying gold when it was 500 an OZ 🙂 I remember my father in law lol at me saying I was crazy for investing in 200 0z . Invest your money guys.

  10. TheChee78 says:

    Silver gold bull is one of the best if not the best place I have bought my gold,silver and gems from, if you really are wanting to make a nest egg for your kids the best way is to buy medals I think.

  11. RuFFRyDas87 says:

    Not pure silver!

  12. SilverCoinMan says:

    Statements like that need proof, and all the videos I saw about them do not seem to prove it, and all the orders I have ordered say differently. The more comments I see from you, I am getting a feeling you are paid to trash around like that, all you comments are the same. and PMH that you mention below went bankrupt, so that just tells of how much people should trust your advice!

  13. Slim Charles says:

    Silver tarnishes very easily. The only way to keep silver coins nice and shiny is to keep them inside capsules.

  14. tonyz92 says:

    Hi,I’m from Canada. What do think where I should buy silver coins at? Silvergoldbull?

  15. SuperGt390 says:

    Nice Stack Ryan congrats on the 10oz coins, I just ordered a few from them as well. The guys and gals at S.G.B. are great to deal with and they now have a wider range to pay.

  16. angryamerican says:

    Do they let you pay with “check by phone”?

  17. silver john says:

    yeah 1kg looks nice lol i hope to buy a 10 kilo pirth mint coin one day

  18. TheLordHumungus says:

    that 10 oz year of the dragon is badass!

  19. DCLOVESILVER says:

    Great vid man, excellent pick up!!! I sub’d, check me out sometime.

  20. Todd67point says:


  21. EpicRV says:

    Very cool! Just started silver stacking myself — very happy there is such a big community on youtube.

  22. silver john says:

    when the hyper inflation comes every family would need at least 500 oz silver and 20 oz gold

  23. silver john says:

    got the 10oz dragon i love the coin

  24. Adam C says:

    Excellent video and excellent channel. Great stack you have & I look forward to more videos.

  25. Kaynos says:

    I tried some other company and none of them ship as fast as silver gold bull. I had some bad experience with a company from Ontario who litterraly took 2 weeks to ship my tube of maple leaf. On Silvergold Bull i order a tube today and it ships the next day, no BS, just great and fast services.