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APMEX Silver Unboxing!

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  1. tinabench60 says:

    hey unitedstatesofclad how about you shut up

  2. UnitedStatesOfClad says:

    you should kill yourself you prejudice jerk… #YOURALOSER #hashtag

  3. loh1110 says:

    Next time check out Goldmart.com. I’ve bought from Gainsville, Apmex, and Goldmart. Only difference between these are prices of premium and shipping prices. Goldmart has the lowest premiums, shipping, and their single unit price is cheaper than the competitors lowest bulk price.

  4. sternumkick says:

    Notice the guy commented after he watched your video, doesn’t that make him the loser?

  5. Lifehouseb0i says:

    Racist piece of shit.

  6. abcd1119123 says:

    don’t take any heed of these haters. Bunch of jealous freaks that’s all! Keep stacking dude! 🙂

  7. Cody Matthews says:

    Yeah I definitely need more exercise, but that tape was oddly strong.

  8. Cody Matthews says:

    Watch out folks, we got a badass over here.

  9. goney dyme says:

    what the fuck is this …..nobody wants to watch a fat geek…..#loser

  10. Cody Matthews says:

    I’m hoping that silver prices rise significantly this year.

    With no chance of government spending being cut, a large chance of more quantitative easing, and people rushing to precious metals, I suspect that it will.

  11. StateExempt says:

    APMEX was my first (and still only) source of silver coins. I have convinced a number of people in my neighborhood to start stocking up on it rather than let their savings deteriorate.

    From what I recall it what $13.50 when I first bought prior to the Fed’s “stimulus” shortly after Obama took office.

  12. Cody Matthews says:

    But letter openers are so much cooler!

  13. johnnieace45 says:

    Buy a pair of scissors!

  14. sepra cogan says:

    me neither but my fists are big enough to protect my wardrobe lol

  15. Cody Matthews says:

    Good point. I currently don’t have enough money to purchase a safe, though.

  16. sepra cogan says:

    im just wondering what happens when a bank goes bust? it freezes all assets in the bank leaving you with basicly no silver in your diposit box… if i where you it keep it safe right next to you… besides if you dont hold it you dont own it

  17. Cody Matthews says:

    APMEX would be another good option. A bit spendy, but good service and selection overall.

  18. merf64 says:

    Looks like a great site but it says Does not ship internationally only to the USA 🙁 

  19. Cody Matthews says:

    I would use Monarch Precious Metals.They have no minimum order, cheap shipping, and low premiums. I’ve used them and they are the best!

  20. merf64 says:

    Hey guys I live in calgary AB Canada and was wondering if anyone knew of a good site to order off of or any stores in calgary to get silver bars. I have been checking out some of the big name sites and they charge about 2-3 dollars per ounce more then the actual silver price and have about 10 dollars for shipping for anything under 350$ so if i buy a couple of ounces of silver that is currently at 35 an ounce it will cost me about 40 an ounce to buy any ideas or suggestions?

  21. Cody Matthews says:

    I’ll check it out, thanks for the advice!

  22. MrJoegraphix says:

    Search on YouTube mike Maloney, 1500. Silver. There is a hour documentary about the history of money and his prediction of 1500 per ounce silver. Must watch!! Remember, markets go up in bubbles because everyone flocks to it at the same time over valuing it… With that said, how many people do you know buying gold and silver right now? If your like me chances are, not many to none… Telling me, the bubble hasn’t even begun:)

  23. Cody Matthews says:

    I would love it if silver goes over $60, but I think I would have a happiness stroke if it went over $150! Hopefully we have a few more years of rising prices before the price takes a plummet.

  24. MrJoegraphix says:

    50 bucks an ounce is nothing, it hit 50 in 1980! Put inflation to that your looking around $150. Ad the collapse of the dollar and the silver and gold bubble of the entire country buying it at the last minute… Add a couple of zeros to that!! This is exciting times in deed.

  25. MrJoegraphix says:

    Spot price is guaged by the shares on the market, not considering physical holders of the comodity. When it’s exposed that banks don’t hold the quantity to cover the paper shares, that’s when sh!t will hit the fan. Many have a indicator of when this will take place, mine along with others is the “we buy gold” ads and stores. They are everywhere now! When they stop buying your gold and silver and start selling it back to you, that’s when I’ll be on the edge of my seat ready to liquidate.

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