Scottsdale silver unboxing | Silver Unboxing

Scottsdale silver unboxing

Unboxing scottsdale silver bar. Just got my birthday gift from my wife- 10 toz hand poured silver bar by scottsdale.

SD Bullion

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5 Responses to Scottsdale silver unboxing

  1. bobbyred says:

    Great birthday gift…Maybe I will book mark this video and show it to my wife.. Kepping stacking..

  2. greg williams says:

    Awesome bar – love the hand pours 🙂

  3. GreatestSurvival says:

    Very nice. Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing the video and hope to see more.

  4. BusinessmanBandit says:

    That Bar Is A Lovely, Good Video !

  5. EpicRV says:

    Wow that is a beautiful bar — i have some of the prey bars — scottsdale makes some really good stuff.