Silver Unboxing !!! 200 Ounces !!! | Silver Unboxing

Silver Unboxing !!! 200 Ounces !!!

Silver Unboxing !!! 200 Ounces !!!

A brief video showing my latest purchase. Adding 200 ounces to the stack.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

SD Bullion

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25 Responses to Silver Unboxing !!! 200 Ounces !!!

  1. lowpross11 says:

    I just keep adding Gary. I’m of the feeling that prices will reach levels where any of today’s “losses” will be recouped. Gotta continue to average it out.. That’s my plan anyway.
    Thanks for watching! I appreciate it.

  2. Gary Schultz says:

    I guess “your feeling” has proven to be true. I’m about to pounce on a few ounces myself. Nice video! I added Ag at that price too – so I’m not making fun of you – not at all.

  3. lowpross11 says:

    Depends what “a lot” means to you. I have been adding to my stack for a few years now. I will continue until it’s time to sell. Did you watch my monster box video unboxing? That should give you a better idea.

  4. jaysen5 says:

    Oh ok, I thought you had alot.

  5. lowpross11 says:

    200 in the video.. All together? Don’t really know..
    thanks for watching!

  6. jaysen5 says:

    How many ounces do you have?

  7. lowpross11 says:

    No. That purchase was from a local place… 😉

  8. SAIDsoe says:

    Not from pow!! :P

  9. lowpross11 says:

    Thanks !! Check out my actual Monster un-boxing video..

  10. MisterSilverMonster says:

    Way to go! Monster like.

  11. lowpross11 says:

    Great plan! Sounds like you know what you’re doing.. Will do!
    Thanks for watching!

  12. wflite says:

    Ya love opening my buys! If you are anything like me you will be popping open A LOT more! NOW SHORT THE PAPER MARKET. INSURE THOSE PUPS. Take delivery! Short the major metal ETF’s with their own instruments buy PUTS at least 6 months out! Only adds 50c to a 1$ an ounce! and you make$ while/if the paper market collapses and spot gets manipulated down. THEN buy MORE Physical! …3000+ ounces of physical.. the puts help me sleep! 16 spot is not out of the question.

  13. circularfile2009 says:

    Very nice. 2004 and 2001 eagles are $4 more than 2013. If you lose on investment in ten years I will eat your stack.

  14. GreatestSurvival says:

    HAHA ok I will

  15. lowpross11 says:

    Wan’t Silver Porn? Check out my Monster Box Video!
    Thanks for watching GreatestSurvival ! 

  16. GreatestSurvival says:

    Thanks for the silver porn

  17. lowpross11 says:

    Haha. A lot of people have asked that same question.. Must be “OUNCES” in my title & your search.

  18. river Brown says:

    How did I get frome weed to fucking coins

  19. lowpross11 says:

    Ahhh.. Now I got it.
    Finally gonna be able to check them all out.
    Thanks !!

  20. mrskeecher says:

    those open by rotating the green top a quarter turn so the 4 edges of the top stick out – then you push upward on the exposed edge of the top

  21. sanpedrosilver says:

    Sorry, no weed here..
    Only SILVER !!

  22. lowpross11 says:

    No kidding. I wouldn’t mind seeing it, along with gold, go down some more. Eventually, it’s gonna be pretty expensive.. I want to be done stacking when that time comes so I can sell it all.
    Thanks for watching!

  23. Silver KC says:

    Sweet video. If Spot can stay under 30 for a while why I build my stack I sure wouldn’t mind

  24. Silva Stacka says:

    I hear ya. I think time is of the essence as well.

  25. lowpross11 says:

    Yes sir! That’s how I look at it as well. We are just trading in some currency for real money. However, we need the currency to be able to trade it. This is why it’s important for me to establish multiple income streams. I want to convert as much as possible while we still can.
    thanks & keep stacking SS !!

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