4 Silver Unboxings in ONE video!!! | Silver Unboxing

4 Silver Unboxings in ONE video!!!

I bought a few silver pieces on eBay and they all happened to come the same day. Let’s unbox my silver bullion and add it to my stack! I also placed an order…
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SD Bullion

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25 Responses to 4 Silver Unboxings in ONE video!!!

  1. GSilvermani says:

    Nice pick ups they should have came up with a better name for that beer:) subbed

  2. rocky315w says:

    somebody better get you a turtle for xmas, a live one. Love the excitement

  3. MunkeySpaz says:

    haha yea see… I’m not lying, I really am an idiot! lol

  4. rocky315w says:

    One ounce 31.1 and its a hexagon.

  5. MunkeySpaz says:

    YUP! lol

  6. Arielramon1985 says:

    DUDE THOMAS JEFFERSON IS MY FAV PREZ!!! Did we just become best friend?!

  7. Silver KC says:

    That makes sense then. Good gift for a friend

  8. tefsilver2 says:

    I dig I dig,

  9. MunkeySpaz says:

    I agree… but after the first beer or two… I can’t really taste ’em anymore anyway! haha

  10. MunkeySpaz says:

    Yes you are right, but this isnt minted by the same company. Notice mine says Timberwolf on the top and not Canada? I knew that buying it that it wasn’t the Canadian one. It’s just a generic one. It was cheap so I bought it. lol but I checked it out and so far it all seems to be real silver. It was bought from an online dealer too. Just no where near as nice as the “real” Timberwolf.

  11. Silver KC says:

    And btw the timber wolves online are going for a really high premium right now. Like 50+ dollars.

  12. Silver KC says:

    Love the takus though

  13. Silver KC says:

    Im positive the timber wolf has the queen on the obverse. Might want to get that coin checked out man. Never seen one like that. The ones I have seen have great detail. Just google Canadian timber wolf silver coin and see for yourself.

  14. SAIDsoe says:

    Miller light gross

  15. MunkeySpaz says:

    MrEltiburone they do. There are some with a leaf. But this timberwolf is a generic coin. Its not the one your thinking of.

  16. greg williams says:

    Nice haul!! love the postage stamp and the petagon coin, very cool 🙂

  17. MrEltiburone says:

    Hmmm I thought the timber-wolves had the queen on the obverse???

  18. weizenale says:

    I got sniped on ebay tonight damn it!! trying to get 6 mercury dimes to fill another roll dude sniped me with 2 seconds left..Nice pick up i like the wolf alittle more detail would be nice though

  19. MunkeySpaz says:

    Ah yea, “troy oz” I was thinking just an “ounce” for some reason! lol I’m an idiot!

  20. MunkeySpaz says:

    There was a lot of other stamps like that with other Presidents on them. I wasn’t too interested in anyone else. lol I don’t know if you’re meant to collect them but I thought this one was pretty cool and I just had to buy it. Thanks for watching!

  21. jayrush01 says:

    31.1 grams is one troy oz

  22. MrSilverup says:

    I dig the timberwolf is cool. I luv the pentagon, the 3 gram rox. Dude, nice shooting of this. Everyhing looks so clear. I bought from ebay too yesterday. Hey, i think silver will be 20 by next week.

  23. jayrush01 says:

    i like that stamp, is there like a series or set of other people on stamps your meant to collect?

  24. MunkeySpaz says:

    Not really that hoppy. It’s kinda a light beer but decent. No lingering taste but it does have an odd smell. Not bad, but just different.

  25. MrSilverup says:

    How is it? Hoppy?