Silver Stack Unboxing #7 | Silver Unboxing

Silver Stack Unboxing #7

My Biggest Oz Unboxing to Date Music link
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SD Bullion

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25 Responses to Silver Stack Unboxing #7

  1. 511porkchop says:

    The Place To Buy Gold & Silver: Aydincoins, Great Price’s, Reward Points Program, Free Shipping, Silver Specials.
    Also: ModernCoinMart (MCM) Great Price’s, Free Shipping
    Google Them For Their Web Page
    I’ve Been Buying From Both. Received Coins In 3-5 Days

  2. grg3d says:

    @ NYCMaineFish Thanks for the info

  3. grg3d says:

    Al…..I meant what “kind” of Silver I’m collecting….and I promise you this…. Collect the way you want to and so will I and the world will not end because of it!….And again….where is your video of your stack?? or is RC planes the only videos you are going to do?

  4. 101platayoro says:

    aint it amazing bow good the post office is at getting bullion to ya? i bought from monarch out in oregon on monday they shipped friday and i got it on monday in new jersey!

  5. Al C says:

    Diversifying isn’t getting different bars from different makers it means to invest in more then just silver… The way i see it if I cant get silvet for 25 a oz delivered then why pay 28? When your talking a couple hundred ounces ant 8 dollars over spot add up real quick. Those coins what maybe a few cents over spot when you go to sell??? Throwing away money on those government coins

  6. NYCMarineFish says:

    check out provident metals or jm bullion, i bout when silver was like $21.79. might be higher know.

  7. grg3d says:

    Please tell me where? I’d like to get 4 more!

  8. NYCMarineFish says:

    i just bought 7 1 oz fiji taku for $28.17 a coin including shipping,

  9. acon2698 says:

    I’d leave it but I’d also want to have my way with it. lol goodluck

  10. Jose Aparicio says:

    Very nice!!

  11. grg3d says:

    Hay Guy & Gals Look…its my Pet Troll…….he’s back……now….now…… no feeding the troll……he’s all mine…and what great words of wisdom “it” has…..I didn’t know “it” could talk let alone type…

  12. Tim Lynch says:

    practice pronunciation, get exercise.

  13. FrugalLife says:

    Nice pickups.. Love the presentation and the background music… classic

    Personally i’d leave the lady alone and keep her in the packaging. But its your call
    As for the other lady on the britannia.. Just remember ..the older and wrinklier she gets the more silver you lose.. I think its one grain per wrinkle

  14. TinfoilHatGirl says:

    aaah yes, I know this link already, lots of ppl chose music from there. But this piece would fit well when I am again fighting with the packaging when I do an unboxing 😀

  15. grg3d says:

    Thank you for the kind comments…but you didn’t say if I could have my way with her or not 😉

  16. grg3d says:

    Hi Tin well then you will really like this link see link under video Description. Its where I get my royalty free music from for my background music & thanks for the kind comments….

  17. grg3d says:

    EpicRV I love your Avatar I saw the Claymation movie the figure you use was in when I was a kid…to funny…please tell me you don’t lick your Silver…..

  18. grg3d says:

    Then you would really hate to hear about our “other trade” where he got a Sony Digital Camera DSC-S75(mint condition from 2001) was 3 mega pixels which was state of the art back then(used it for picture taking for my E-bay Auctions) I got; 1 Peace Dollar(the one that some one scratched WOW on it), 1 Walking Liberty 1/2 and 3 1964 quarters, you can see them featured in my other video’s…..

  19. dmatthews778 says:

    That 5 grain card is a really cool idea, definitely props to that seller… As for the pamp bar, i say leave it in man.

  20. ThesharpNshiny says:

    leave it in.

  21. ThesharpNshiny says:

    Man! I have a belt sander! I’d dump it in a heartbeat for some peace dollars. lol

  22. EpicRV says:

    man i ordered stuff in early may i still have not rec’d………you are making me jealous

  23. FTIdeas says:

    that 5 grain card is awsome, probably only cost 50 cents, but its a good advertising tool, and LEAVE IT IN

  24. TinfoilHatGirl says:

    hahahahaa, the background music is sooo funny!! I liked the bar with the Eagle…and I would leave it in. We arent supposed to touch our fine silver without gloves anyway, no no! Thats what I have my junk silver for. I have it all free and messy in a box and can crawl in it when I want to play with silver 😀

  25. tpntch07 says:

    Very nice pick ups!! Leave it in the assay card to maintain the value.

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