#4 Silver: My Larges Bullion unboxing 260oz. | Silver Unboxing

#4 Silver: My Larges Bullion unboxing 260oz.

Update of my silver collection 6 month, http://youtu.be/8XDG8e2wcRQ This is my larges unboxing of silver bullion/coins, These are my favorit bullion coins. P…
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SD Bullion

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21 Responses to #4 Silver: My Larges Bullion unboxing 260oz.

  1. Kiko7210 says:

    holy silver :0

  2. Adam C says:

    Wow that is what I call an unboxing. Great pick ups.

  3. Gabriel Rodriguez says:



  4. ShareMyLifes says:

    Realy nice haul there

  5. GreenUrbanProject says:


  6. MrGoldseeker82 says:

    I i have been thinking do get some rounds, but my dealer never gets any of that stuff. 

  7. Al C says:

    Oh ok well that makes perfect sense then… Keep stacking…. I am into my stack at $27 usd and silver has dropped more since my last purchase.. Cant wait til payday to add to it. Keep stacking….

  8. Richard Beatty says:

    I ain’t do coins so much just Round, No face value. Private mintage. Keep Stacking.

  9. StackHard Sterling says:

    lol the 2013 Kooks that is!

  10. StackHard Sterling says:

    There’s nothing wrong with buying coins … you just need to factor is it worth buying them and why you are buying them!
    For example – i’m not a big fan of the Perth Mint stuff although i think their coins are stuning!
    Knowing how popular they are as soon as i heard that they’ve stoped minted them…I sent for an order!

    The trick is to get in there befor the premiums get pushed up!

  11. MrGoldseeker82 says:

    Yea but the thing is, there is vat on silver here in sweden. and i buy from libertysilver.ee and they have vat on bars to but not on bullion coins. so thats why i stick to them alot cheaper for me.they are vat free

  12. Al C says:

    Just make sure you buying from a reputable dealers and you will get real silver bars.

  13. hstone39 says:

    I rather buy coins because there is fake silver going around and you don’t want to have fake silver bullion in your hands. Government mintage coins certify that you get 100% silver. I would rather stay away from bars and rounds and stick with coins.

  14. MrGoldseeker82 says:

    But when is it a high mintage? 10? 100 000? 10 000 000? do you know how many people there is on earth? So when is it a high mintage? the perth mint was at first gona mint 1 000 000 kookaburras of 2013 coin, but 2013-04-30 the changed that to 500 000, and perthmint have sold out on 1oz 2013. and there is 7 month left of this year.

  15. Al C says:

    When you got to sell all those coins your only going to get bullion value. I agree with maple on the coins they are a gimmick to get more money out of you. Smart investors invest in gold and silver. And they will not pay a premium for something that has a high mint. Only rare coins will be worth more then the silver or gold. Investors who buy on the low buy bullion and of they buy a lot of silver that contains any of the coins you have they only pay bullion price. Buy bullion stay away from coin

  16. wickedroller says:

    Gold maple is an idiot. You would have bought gold at $700 per oz to have doubled your money. You would of have had to buy gold in 2006 to get gold at $700 per oz to double your money right now. Guess what price silver was at in 2006?????? AROUND $9 per oz. You would be way over doubled your money in silver even after this silver dip. So get your facts straight before you make yourself look like a fool.

  17. gold maple says:

    All these coins you bought are advertising gimmicks mints use to fool people like you, so you pay much more in premium and shipping costs. Why don`t you just buy gold, stop wasting your time on silver Silver is a dud. Invest in gold, whether you buy by the gram or by ounces, gold goes up a lot. With the same amount of money to spent to buy this silver crap, if you bought 1 oz of gold or two, you would have doubled you money. Stop buying this silver crap, and buy gold.

  18. gold maple says:

    Producing more and more silver coins causes the price of silver to drop. Instead, buddy, you should buy gold coins or bars, where mintages are less than 1000 usually. Stop spending money on silver really. You spend a lot more, but when you sell your gold you make a lot more too. Really buddy, stop buying silver. Silver is going to crash, or if it does rise, it will rise by a few dollars. Invest in gold. Gold is king in financial markets not silver.

  19. gold maple says:

    I think it is a waste to buy silver bullion because mints around the world like the Perth Mint, RCM, royal mint, and us mint seems to be producing more and more. This is regardless of the value of silver per ounce. Instead of collecting those coins, why don’t you collect silver coins with limited mintages. To me, limited mintage is anything less than 1000 produced. If they produce 5000, 7000, 8000, 10,000 etc, its not really limited.

  20. MrGoldseeker82 says:

    thanks, yea i do. the koala and kookaburra of 2013 looks realy great. they will be popular in future, and now when perthmint just gona strike 500 000k bullions. then 1 mill that they say the would do a first. And i know i say tube, when its infact rolls =). Keep Save your money in silver, hard hasset is the best way to save.

  21. FrugalLife says:

    wow very impressed.. you certainly like your perth mint coins

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