The Lost Box Edition – Silver Stack Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

The Lost Box Edition – Silver Stack Unboxing

Hey Guys, amidst all the precious metals orders and the frenzy of buying and monitoring spot price, hiding silver, burying silver, stashing silver in my safe deposit box – One lone box was deceptively lurking in the shadows….. THE LOST BOX… Contained herein, The Swiss of America round, comprised of .999 fine silver.. these 1 inch gems are seriously thick a 1/4″ thick to be exact.. I was able to score just 11 of these little beauts! These have similar appeal of like the Monarch Precious Metals clackers or (1 oz headstone as I like to call them, not to be confused with the 2 oz tombstones) and also the 1/2 oz Noah’s Arks. Sorry for the bad angles.. I was working off site.

SD Bullion

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