January 2016 silver bullion unboxing Provident silverbug, Grand Canyone, more!

12 more ounces of silver for the stack, and my first 2oz. coin. Plus some words of wisdom from Shakespeare.

Unboxing Pamp Suisse 1 Ounce Gold Bars & Shout Outs

Checkout this unboxing of two PAMP Gold bars I got from eBay. I took a chance and purchased the from a non dealer. I had them checked out and they are real. I paid .99 over spot for each of these and this puts us at 11 ounces of Gold.. I don’t think I will buy from a non dealer again, due to the wondering and worrying the whole time. =) Thanks for watching.

Checkout these other Stackers….

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For those who haven’t seen it yet, go check out my Bullion Calculator. It will help you keep track of your investments and lets you know if what you are buying is a good deal or not. Email me at bullioncalculator@gmail.com or message me here to get your free copy. Good luck, have fun and keep stacking.

2015 5 oz Kangaroo High Relief Silver Coin

2015 5 oz Kangaroo High Relief Silver Coin

Join me in unboxing a sweet and thick silver coin from the Perth Mint.
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UnBoxing Silver Rounds – Silvergoldbull.com 2nd order

My 2nd order of silver to date and much larger in volume then my 1st order. Reached and passed my first personal milestone in terms of how much silver I want. The rounds are awesome and all seem to be in perfect shape. I didn’t see any milk spots or scratches on any of them. Without a doubt they are right from the sunshine mint. They arrived well packaged as always and on time.

future notes: Spot price today is 22.30 ; and the gold/silver ratio is 62.67 or almost 63. still high on the ratio and cheap on price?

10 oz Silver Heraeus bar UNBOXING!

Apmex silver unboxing of my latest purchase. A few silver American Eagles and my first 10 oz Heraeus! Enjoy!

Silver and Gold…. Monarch Precious Metals

Finally a new video!!! Package I ordered from Monarch Precious Metals. 5/31/13
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Unboxing – 2016 75th anniversary Captain America silver 2 oz shield coin

7500 mintage
2 oz .999 silver w/ 2g silver numbered COA

Presentation box, sleeve and outer sleeve is well made and of great design!!! The coin itself is well struck and the simple design is perfect imo… The colors are crisp and do not run together and again I am not a fan of colorized coinage as this is my first and probably only one ever.
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Unboxing My 2017 Perth Lunar Rooster Set & New ATB Coin

Unboxing My 2017 Perth Lunar Rooster Set & New ATB Coin

5oz Copper Buffalo by Golden State Mint

Sorry for the dirty nails ;P

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